Hello everyone,
We’re holding an event by online!
Please check it as below.

【JDSA Museum 2021】
◆23/Feb/2021(TUE)10:00-16:00 at Edo-Tokyo museum

◆Stream live on Instagram 11:00 – ( Japan time )

◆NOTICE◆ Considering of this current situation of Covid-19, we’re only holding this event by
online. Please enjoy this event at home.

[What is JDSA Museum?]
Actually, we’ve been holding Annual event since 2018.
The JDSA Museum is free art exhibition of hand-crafted soap that our artists exhibit their best
work. I’m also preparing for it!

The theme colour is Vitamin colour that make us happy as like yellow, orange and so on.
(I know it’s said VIVID colour but you know we said “Vitamin”coulour in japan )

For those who live in overseas, we’re going to live on Instagram, so you can enjoy wherever you
After this event, I’m planning to upload on YouTube (with English subtitles) about this event for
those who couldn’t join on time.

If you want to join JDSA museum 2021 by online, please follow me!

And also, you can follow our artists,
@jewelsoap7e Nanae Minamizawa
@rw_ahehee Naoko Toyama
@petit.joie.yumi Yumi Wada
@poire_ds  Rina Fujishima

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Stay safe and enjoy the museum at HOME!


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